Purpose Statement

It is the PURPOSE of Global Church Connection to provide competent consultation and resources to churches worldwide in matters of church planting, internal activity, outreach, governing, structure, leadership development, organization, administration, and risk management. We will also help churches through transitional times within the church and its leadership that will establish, strengthen and help to grow healthy reproducing churches, globally.

The MISSION of Global Church Connection is to establish, strengthen, and help grow healthy local churches through consultation, resources, and personal ministry.

The CORE VALUES of Global Church Connection:

  1. The local church is God’s plan for discipling the nations and is, therefore, the community of connection for teaching and nurturing followers of Jesus Christ.
  2. Though the universal Body of Christ is perpetual the local church is not and, therefore, requires nurturing to thrive.
  3. The local church is in need of healthy governance, competency, and direction.
  4. Global Church Connection will always provide competent consultation and resources to churches worldwide and actively pursue helping grow healthy local churches